Climate Change: Biological and Human Aspects

In recent years climate change has become recognized as the foremost environmental problem of the twenty-first century. Not only will climate change potentially affect the multi-billion dollar energy strategies of countries worldwide, but it also could seriously affect many species, including our own. A fascinating introduction to the subject, this textbook provides a broad review of past, present and likely future climate change from the viewpoints of biology, ecology and human ecology. It will be of interest to a wide range of people, from students in the life sciences who need a brief overview of the basics of climate science, to atmospheric science, geography, and environmental science students who need to understand the biological and human ecological implications of climate change. It will also be a valuable reference for those involved in environmental monitoring, conservation, policy-making and policy lobbying.
Jonathan Cowie's 2008 volume is the best book available on a critically important subject: how climate change affects life on earth. The book has an admirably broad perspective. Its content is rich and robust. Although Cowie's book is not as easy read (and could have been edited further), it is well worth the effort. Required reading for anyone who wants to understand our world.
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