World Atlas 'Best Atlas 2010 Winner - IMTA' - Millennium House

World Atlas 'Best Atlas 2010 Winner - IMTA' - Millennium HouseWorld Atlas 'Best Atlas 2010 Winner - IMTA' - Millennium House
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The Cartographic Encyclopedia of Planet Earth comprehensive world atlas places the world at your fingertips in a large-size presentation. The super-sized pages are highly detailed with extensive labelling placed on the specially created and colored relief background mapping. This state-of-the-art relief mapping clearly illustrates elevation variations, from the lowest points in the world to the highest mountain range. Discover the world we live in from a new perspective in this superb atlas, which contains: 140 pages of super-size maps with specially created relief background mapping .Handy table of country facts, making it possible to compare statistics for the 194 nations of the world and with clear maps of the continents, this really is a fantastic varied recourse. Comprehensive 64-page gazetteer .Full-color flags of the world Specifications 215/8 × 171/8 inches (550 × 434 mm), portrait, cased 216 pages
The World Atlas wins the IMTA Asia Pacific book award and best overall award June 2010
Saturday February 26th 2010
IMTA (International Map Trade Association) vote 'World Atlas' Best Atlas 2010

ISBN: 9781921209291

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