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3D World Atlas – from Pole to Pole, this stunning, interactive 3D World Atlas is a complete, concise, and exciting way to explore the world. Featuring over half a million mapped locations, 3D World Atlas provides a level of detail to satisfy even the most demanding researcher. Discover in-depth geographical information on natural disasters, landscape formation and global climate. Or read comprehensive articles and statistics for almost 200 countries, with overviews that cover politics, media, crime, history and more!
Using a real-time globe rendering engine, 3D World Atlas offers a smoothly-rotating view of the Earth, zoomable to a map scale of 1:250,000. The unique horizon-view feature simulates the view from an orbiting spacecraft. Also provided are half a million placenames, road networks, and a 300,000-word countries database.
Planetary Visions provided the detailed texturemaps for the five globe views – a general topographic map, a satellite map, physical, bio-geographic and night-time maps – as well as 30,000 words of text, satellite images and photos covering Earth science, landscape features, natural hazards and environmental issues.
Its consists of:
* General maps that show international borders and countries with over 400,000 town and city names at 1:1,200,000 scale
* Satellite maps that show international borders and countries with their physical features at 1:2, 500,000 scale
* Physical maps that show the forces that shape the earth surface, tectonic plates, volcanoes and impact craters
* Bio geographic maps that show the earth bio geographic zones
* Satellite view of lights from cities across the world
Its key features are:
* Hotlinks that are helpful in geographical information
* Virtual technology, which renders flat maps as 3D globes
* Unique horizon view of planet earth
* Measurement of distance between two or more locations
* Facility to mark and label the favorite locations
* Latitude/Longitude Co-ordinates
* User can print, copy maps, text and graphics
Country overview includes: climate, wealth, education, politics, people, environment, economy, tourism, crime and history.
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