World Time Clock & Map 2.0

World Time Clock & Map is an intuitive and attractive way for users to stay abreast of the time in locations around the world. The sleek interface makes the program simple and enjoyable to use.
The interface is divided into three tabs. In the first tab, users see a world map with pinpoints for selected global cities. Mousing over the cities lets users view the local time, and users can also click on each time zone to see a list of cities in that zone. An optional night shadow helpfully depicts the current swath of globe that is covered by darkness. The second tab consists of three large, easy-to-read clocks displaying the time in selected cities, which users can customize. There are no frills here, but there don't need to be; the clean display will be refreshing to users who want to know the time at a glance. The third tab is for settings, where users can adjust the time display and map colors, as well as add cities to the world map and clock displays. Users can also set an alarm for a given city, a helpful way to remember when it's time to make that international phone call.
If the program has one drawback it is that it doesn't contain a Help file, but it is sufficiently intuitive that most users won't notice. A few minutes of familiarization is all that should be required. World Time Clock & Map installs and uninstalls easily, but is limited to a brief, 7-day trial period.

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