Earth Science&the Environment

Earth Science and the Environment,4 Ed

Graham R. Thompson, Jon Turk,"Earth Science and the Environment,4 Ed"
Brooks Cole | 2006 | ISBN: 0495112879 | 720 pages | Djvu | 36 MB

Using two themes, earth systems and environmental issues, Earth Science and the Environment provides a rich overview of all Earth-related disciplines, including geology, meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, and astronomy. The authors provide a sense of how Earth functions as a single system composed of interacting subsystems and integrates coverage of enviromental issues in both the authoritative narrative and stunning multi-part visuals that emphasize the beauty of Earth science. To further enrich your experience, this earth science textbook is fully integrated with the CengageNOW online tutorial system. Web-based, assessment-driven, and completely flexible, the system provides you with a personalized learning plan based on a diagnostic pre-test to maximize your study time by focusing your attention where it is needed most.

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