Final Report for GIS database

In order to establish information infrastructure in Lao PDR, construction of GIS database covering basic geology, mineral resource, geophysics (ground and airborne), geochemistry and other information is definitely significant for Lao PDR’s mining sector and it is also one of missions of the MEM and/or the DGM as a government organization. The database will be used for geology and mineral resource map creation and information disclosure via Internet and CD distribution, from technical point of view. With the object of national strategy, it is also used for designing of mining strategy and study of mining policy. In addition to its usage in mining field, the GIS database would also assist in compilation of land-use, environment conservation, disaster prevention, hydrogeology, civil engineering and so forth. The content is exactly a fundamental information in geo-science field in this country.
This GIS database should include those widely varieties of contents, and collection and integration of surrounding information are inevitable. Though the DGM already started to use GIS technology to create geological maps, mineral occurrence maps and to manage mining concession data, they have a lot of problems such as shortage of operation budget, human resource, a lack of technical level, hiatus of strategy of information infrastructural construction and so on, as mentioned in later sections in this report. Various projects have been conducted by some international aid agencies to implement GIS equipment and human education, however, the DGM still does not rise to the self-sustainable stage...
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